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About Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (JALAC)

Chairman’s welcome


Chairman’s welcome:

Dear Members and Friends,

Since the turn of the new millennium and amidst the rise of Brazil, Mexico, and other emerging economies, Japan’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean have grown even closer and stronger. Our peoples have enjoyed a long history of migration and many years of economic cooperation. Such are the foundations of our deep friendships, which now extend to trade and investment in natural resources, energy, information and communications infrastructure, and other sectors.

And with our bonds growing tighter day by day, I am convinced that the Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (JALAC) will play increasingly vital roles in the years ahead. Here in Japan, JALAC has proven itself to be an instrumental hub for gathering and disseminating information on Latin America and the Caribbean.

I hope that all visitors to JALAC’s website will relate to and support the dedicated efforts of this association, whose ongoing aims are to promote mutual understanding between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean, and to contribute to their collaborations across diverse industries and academic fields. We would like to ask for your continued support.

Mikio Sasaki Chairman



With strong support from the government, businesses, academia and civil society, JALAC was founded on July 1, 1958, by merging three organizations into one with the aim to create an integral private-sector diplomacy forum in Japan with Latin America and the Caribbean. Three organizations are the following: 1) Japan-Latin America Central Association, affiliated organization of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 2) Latin America Committee; and 3) Pan American Association.
On April 1, 2013, JALAC changed its legal status from a special civil law corporation to a general incorporated association.

Management (Board of Directors)

Management (Board of Directors)

●Chairman : Mikio SASAKI Chairman Emeritus,
Mitsubishi Corporation
●Vice Chairman (Business Planning) : Kotaro HORISAKA Professor Emeritus, Sophia University
●Vice Chairman : Satoru SATOH Advisor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Former Ambassador of Japan to Brazil and Spain
●Executive Director (General Management): Osamu SASAKI Former Board of Directors, Mitsubishi Corporation
●Managing Director (Editorial Board) : Toshihiro SAKURAI Special Advisor, TOKURA CORPORATION
●Managing Director (International Relations): Mikio KUWAYAMA Research Fellow, Economics and Business Research Institute, Kobe University, Former ECLAC Senior Economic Affairs Officer
●Managing Director (Editorial Board, General Affairs): Motoko IWAMI (Ms.) Former Senior Analyst, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment
●Managing Director: Teiji SAKURAI Former Professor, Kansai Gaidai University, Former Auditor, JETRO
●Director: Yoshihiko MORITA Former Deputy Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation
●Director: Akira KUDO Former Board of Directors, Mitsubishi Corporation
●Director: Shigeo OSONOI Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
●Director: Hidenori MURAKAMI Former Ambassador of Japan to Chile, Former Vice Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (International Affairs)
●Director: Hidehiro KONNO Former Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
●Director: Keiko TANAKA (Ms.) Vice President of Nissan Financial Services Co., Ltd., Former Ambassador of Japan to Uruguay
●Director: Toyonari YAMAGISHI General Manager, External Affairs Department, Team ‘LATIN AMERICA’, TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION
●Director: Hiroshi TOMITA Director, PwC Japan
●Director (Secretary General): Shogo MINETOMA Former General Manager, Metals, at Mitsubishi Corp. Beijing and Rio de Janeiro
●Auditor: Naohiko MUNAKATA Former Executive Coordinator, The Japan-Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
●Auditor: Yasushi Imai ANDO Former Ambassador of Japan to Nicaragua
●Supervisor-Advisor: Takeo KAWAMURA Member of the House of Representatives, former Chief Cabinet Secretary
●Supervisor-Advisor: Terusuke TERADA Former President, Foreign Press Center of Japan, Former Ambassador of Japan to Mexico and Korea (ROK)
●Supervisor-Advisor: Katuyuki TANAKA President, The Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad, Former Ambassador of Japan to Spain
●Supervisor-Advisor: Shigeo OSONOI Professor Emeritus, Tsukuba University
●Supervisor-Advisor: Tooru SHIKIBU Former Representative, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Asia Office in Tokyo
●Supervisor-Advisor : Akio HOSONO Senior Research Advisor,

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Research Institute, Former Ambassador of Japan to El Salvador

●Supervisor-Advisor: Hajime OGAWA Former Ambassador of Japan to Chile, Former Member of the House of Representatives
●Supervisor-Advisor: Yasuyuki FUJISHIMA Director, EBISTRADE, Inc., Former Ambassador of Japan to Panama
●Supervisor-Advisor: Masateru ITO Former Chairman, Japan-Venezuela Association, Former Ambassador of Japan to Venezuela and Honduras

●Supervisor-Advisor: Masayuki KAWASHIMA

Former Office Representative of JETRO in Mexico

Association’s Name in different languages

English: Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean ( JALAC )
Spanish: Asociación Japonesa de América Latina y el Caribe ( AJALAC )
Portuguese: Associação Japonesa de América Latina e o Caribe ( AJALAC )

  1. JALAC provides updates on Latin American and Caribbean developments and supports communication between its members.
  2. JALAC invites prominent visitors from Latin America and the Caribbean to attend and speak at the association’s lectures and seminars. Guests and speakers include Latin American and Caribbean government officials, members of the business community, academics and cultural representatives, members of the mass media, Latin American and Caribbean Ambassadors to Japan, and Japanese Ambassadors to the countries in the region.
  3. JALAC publishes its Quarterly Latin American Journal: With an emphasis on the political and economic landscapes, this journal will feature reports on Latin America and the Caribbean, submitted by industry experts and specialists.
  4. The Institute for Latin American and the Caribbean Studies (ILAC), recently created JALAC’s research arm, publishes articles and reports by experts in diverse areas, all available on the Association’s website.
  5. JALAC organizes Social Gatherings and Networking Events: Task meetings, Latin-American themed cultural events, and other initiatives will be planned in accordance with member interest. Themes covered will include Latin American and Caribbean literature and music, among others.
  6. JALAC is a liaison with various Japan-Latin America organizations of bi-national and sub-regional characters and chambers of commerce.
Corporate members
Chiyoda Corporation
Dowa Metals & Mining Co., Ltd.
Franchir Co., Ltd.
Fujita Corporation
GENDAI Advanced Studies Research Organization
Hitachi Ltd.
Hokko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Hokuetsu Corporation
Iberoamerican Institute, Sophia University
IHI Corporation
Infini Travel Information, INC.
Institute for International Economic Studies
Japan Center for International Finance
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Japanese National Committee of The Japan-Chile Business Cooperation Committee
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC)
Japan Overseas Enterprises Association
Japan University of Economics
JTB Corp.
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation
Kanda University of International Studies
Kansai University Library
Komatsu Ltd.
Kyodo News
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Library
Marubeni Corporation
Metal One Corporation
Ministry of Defense Defense Inteligence Headquarters Analysis Department
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mexican Honorary Consulate in Kyoto
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
Nanzan University Library
NEC Corporation
Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
Nippon Steel Corporation
Nishimura & Asahi
Nisshin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.
NTT DATA Corporation
Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.
PwC Advisory LLC
Seijo University
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
SoftBank Corp.
Sojitz Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Takasago International Corporation
Teikyo University Media Library Center
Terumo Corporation
The Asahi Shimbun Company
Toda Corporation
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toshiba Corporation
Toyota Tsusho Corporation
UM Promotion Co., Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Supporting Members(Embassy in Japan)

Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Japan
Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of El Salvador in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Chile in Japan
Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in Japan
Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Japan
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Japan
Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan


JALAC organizes around 30 seminars, roundtables etc. inside and outside Japan every year by inviting dignitaries and diplomats from Japanese and foreign governments, scholars and researchers from various universities and institutes, and business people.


JALAC’s ‘Latin America Quarterly’: JALAC publishes a quarterly journal in Japanese on Latin America.Fall 2018 Issue: Special Features “Migration in the Americas and its Effects”

  • U.S. Perspective on immigration issues; The Impact on public opinion and the government’s policy (Yuka Mizutani)
  • Economics of Migration; Trend of Migration and Remittance (Mikio Kuwayama)
  • Migration from Venezuela and the Impact on Neighboring Countries (Hidetake Miyamoto)
  • Costa Rica and Migration(Hajime Aoki)
  • El Salvador and Migration (Yukiyo Yasunaga, Kazuo Fujishiro)
  • Why Central American Children and Young People are Heading North (Ritsuko Kudo)


Name Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (JALAC)
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